Ayurveda Tips for Black Hair – Home Remedies For White Hair 

black hair tips
Ayurveda is a treasure of natural ways to black hair. The secret of black and long hair is the nutrition found in the hair roots. Hair is not obtained from nutritional color, dye or shampoo, but Ayurvedic herb, or Ayurvedic oils, is found by applying Ayurvedic herbs.

Let us know, about some Ayurvedic prescriptions or home remedies, which are not only dark hair but also natural light. In addition, the fall of the hair also stops.

Take a well cooked and dried amoeba and tie it well. Keep the pieces of both wet in the water overnight. In the morning, filter this water and filter through the clothes and massage the hair with it. Bath after half an hour of massage. Put coconut oil to dry hair. By doing so the hair is black, long, soft and shiny. The special thing is that chisakai and amla are never white with hair and whose hair is white, they become black again.

Coconut oil, Olive oil, and Lemon Juice
Mix equal amounts of coconut oil and olive oil (olive oil) and massage with some lemon drops. Cover the head with a hot towel for three minutes after massage. Doing this stops the hair fall and the hair is black.

Fenugreek powder

Fenugreek seed contains all the essential ingredients to nourish the hair. Foliate seeds of fenugreek seeds such as folic acid, magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper, niacin, thiamine, carotene, etc. are found along with nutrients such as phosphate, lecithin, nuclei-albuminin and cod-liver oil which strengthen the hair roots. Are.

Grind methi granules in the grinder and make powder. Paste the paste into powder and place paste in the hair. By applying this hair will be black, dense and long, the problem of Russian will also end.

Amla Powder
Put powder of gooseberry powder in a black pot of iron for one day and mix it with water in the next morning and make the paste. After placing it in the water for a whole week, it has to be kept in an iron vessel. This paste will be completely black in one week. When this paste is completely black, then put it in the hair like a dye. Try this method two or three times on different days. Hair will appear in natural black (white hair turn to black hair)

Boil about 250 grams of immortal in about three liters of water. When the water is half and you mix it completely with an immortal water, take it off. Wash your hair in the morning. Hair is long, dark and dense.

White hair becomes black by applying regular oil with conch puspipi.

Where there is no hair, massaging the juice of Bhangra leaves can get good hair in a few days. People whose hair breaks down, they must adopt this remedy. Boil the Triphala powder in the juice of Bhangra and then dry it well and grind it. It consumes approximately 2 grams of water every morning, it stops being white from the hair.

Black mole
Applying black sesame oil in the hair does not cause hair to be white. Every day, massage of sesame oil keeps hair soft, dark and dense.

Mixing roughly a quarter grams of iron in Triphala powder, taking both morning and evening, reduces hair loss and gives natural flavor to the hair.

Mehandi and amla
Take dry rosemary and dried amla in equal quantity and soak in the evening in water. After soaking in the night after washing the hair in the morning, on a continuous effort, hair is black, soft and long.

Grind one gram Kapoor, 100 gram mammoth and Rhee fall, grill bread and 200 grams amla, grind them all together. Mix this mixture into half glasses of water and make the paste. Put this coating in the hair after drying the hair, wash the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Hair is black, dense and soft. Mixing mustard seeds, amla and chikkai and hair is silky and shiny by applying them in the hair.

Boil fifty grams of black water in one liter of water. Filter this boiled water and wash it with hair. Within one month the hair will turn black and black.

Azadirachta indica
Grind neem leaves with water and apply it in the hair and wash hair after two to three hours. This will reduce the hair loss and the hair will be long and dark.

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