What Causes Headaches? Causes of headache

Headache caused by conflicts between blood vessels and veins in the brain. At the time of pain, a certain end of the blood cell and the muscles of the head are active and send signals to the brain. It causes a headache.

cause of headache

Other causes of headache

1. Some women feel severe headache during a change in hormones. This condition can also occur during menopause, monthly discharge, ovulation, etc. This kind of headache can also be prevented from falling into the monthly discharge.

2. When a person feels pressure on himself about something or is confused about any situation or circumstance. In such a situation, his brain becomes turbulent and has a profound effect on the brain, causing stress and headache.

3. The pain caused by changes in the blood vessel of the brain is called migraine pain. In this kind of headache, there is severe pain in any part of the head and there are problems like pain, pain like vomiting, gas, and vomiting. Not only this, a person feels trouble with photophobia (trouble with light) and phonophobia (trouble with noise). Migraines may not be enough for sleep, starve or drink less water.

4. Due to taking special medicines for a few days, there may be a problem of rebound headache. There are many diseases in which medicines last for a long time, in this case, it can affect the brain. This kind of headache stops with the closure of medicines.

5. Headache can be caused due to problems in the eyes, eye irritation, wear of glasses or disturbances in contact lenses. Any such problem due to which the eyes get stressed, the cause of the headache can be. In such a case, if a person is troubled by a headache, then he should also check his eyes.

6. Some people may also complain of headache due to eating ice cream or very cold things. After eating ice cream or very cold things, heaviness is felt between the forehead and the headache starts. This type of pain starts immediately after eating ice cream.

7. People who are fond of tea and coffee can get complaints of headaches if they do not get tea at the time.

8. Some people complain of the headache as they wake up in the morning, while after some time it gets cured automatically. Sometimes a headache can occur in the morning due to lack of good night sleep or starving stomach.

9. The toothache affects the nerves of the head. Teeth and head nerves are found on the jaw, in which teeth and head join each other. There is a pain in the head due to any kind of pain in the tooth.

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