Some Common Diseases in Infants and Newborns

Your worries increase when your children get sick. The happiness that comes with the displeasure of the newborn at home is changed in anxiety. Although many common diseases in the first year of the newborn are not serious, provided they are properly treated and cared for properly.

There are many diseases that cause fever, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, colds, coughs, skin rashes (diaper rash), crib cap (head wound, etc.), but after proper treatment and care everything gets cured.

On the other hand, there are some serious diseases which make the child nervous. But if signs of symptoms are indicated by a specialist doctor, then the child is not in greater danger.

Common health problems of the newborn

Vomiting in the baby
Vomiting is also a common disease of children. There is no question of panic if indigestion or gastroepagal rifles sometimes occur. But when it is equal, then after feeding, it can be very serious. If diarrhea is vomiting then this is a serious matter. Such complaints are equal in feeding the bottle.

After feeding you after feeding the baby, if you put it on the shoulder then it is natural to be vomiting. If the child tears the tears, then it is okay, otherwise, place it in the right-hand side or else lint.

Cough & Cough
Typically, changes in the environment result in complaints of cold-blooded infants in newborns. The weather has an impact on the body after leaving the womb. Children with allergies and infections can cough. Knowing the symptoms, healing the disease progresses quickly. Occasionally cough disease can be serious when your child is complaining of Gastropagel Reflex.

Gastrophegaly Reflex
Gastrophegaly Reflex is a child’s stomach disease, which can cause stomachache, due to indigestion, vomiting after drinking milk. This is a common disease in the newborn. After drinking milk the child drinks milk and it is vomiting. There are several common reasons for them.

Jaundice in infant
Jaundice has become a common disease in children. In many cases, the newborn is seeing jaundice, as soon as the mother is born from the womb. Doctors usually give medical treatment to these children. In jaundice, the color of the child’s skin, eyes, and chest become yellow.

The yellow color is caused by the formation of Bilirubin in the blood. Generally, the function of the liver is that it does not allow or destroy billiarin. It is often that after the birth of many children the liver does not work properly and in this case, jaundice occurs.

With birth, the child who has jaundice is likely to have many diseases, including mental illness, deafness, and many other diseases. But there is no need to panic after jaundice without any treatment immediately after birth. For this, doctors make phototherapy, in which a special light is inserted in the glass jar. Living in this particular light reduces the amount of Bilburin in the blood.

Pneumonia in infant
Pneumonia is different from normal cold-cough and fever. Sometimes leprosy is proven for pneumonia. It is a disease of infection in the lungs. This can be due to viral and both

RSV (Respiratory Synchronous Virus or Infant)
RSV is a viral disease in which the child starts breathing difficult and comes to the hospital to get admitted. It can take up to one year of birth. Common colds, nasal seizures, symptoms of fever, cough, which remain for weeks. It becomes severe when it wheels the respiratory tract or affects the lungs.

If RSV infection affects lungs then there may be a fatal disease like viral pneumonia. In this, the doctor advises to take a steam and not to stay in the place. Do not let anyone smoke around the child, it can be dangerous.

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