8 Early Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy before Missed Period

pregnancy symptoms & signs

Pregnancy symptoms usually appear during the first week of conception. But sometimes it is not possible to get such a notice, in such a period, it is a sign of pregnancy. But if women notice, early signs of pregnancy can be seen before the period is missed. The pregnancy test can also be done for you whether you are pregnant or not, although the results of such a quick test will be positive, it is not entirely possible. Let us tell you about some such symptoms before you have missed the period, you are pregnant or can not know.

Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period

Pregnancy symptoms are different in every woman. Prior to the release of the monthly cycle, the following symptoms are usually seen as early symptoms of pregnancy.

1. Pain and swelling in the breasts
In the early stages of pregnancy, sometimes the feeling of breast or swelling or pain is felt. The breast becomes more sensitive than before. Often the color of Aurora (the place around the nipple) also appears to be changed.

2. Flatulence
Flatulence or gas can also be a sign of pregnancy.

3. Blood clot after pregnancy
After several weeks of pregnancy, women get light mild bleeding or brown blood stains. This happens in the early weeks of pregnancy.

4. Tired
Even after performing small things, the woman suddenly feels very tired. The feeling of early exhaustion is also the primary symptoms of pregnancy.

5. Feeling sick in the morning (nausea)
Feeling like nausea or vomiting when arising in the morning is one of the most important symptoms of pregnancy. If you do not feel well when you wake up in the morning, and if you are still alive, then it is also a sign of being pregnant.

6. Constipation
Having difficulty in feces or constipation is also a sign of pregnancy. In such a situation, drinking more water and beverages is advised.

7. frequent urination
If you have urine or urine more frequently than before, consider it a sign. It is a hormonal change that occurs during pregnancy.

8. Mood Swing
Changing the mood, sometimes feeling happy and suddenly feeling depressed can also be an indication of pregnancy. This sign appears in the first quarter. This is due to hormonal changes.

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