Functions and Sources of Protein

protien functions sources

Protein is made up of hundreds or thousands of small units called amino acids. Protein is a very important molecule for our cells, which is an essential component for all organisms. Let us study about various types of proteins and their functions through this article.

Proteins are large, complex molecules that play many important roles in the body. Most proteins work in cells and are necessary for the structure, function, and regulation of body tissues, organs. Protein is a very important molecule for our cells, which is an essential component for all organisms. By weight, the protein is a major component of the body of dry cells and is involved in almost all cellular functions.

During the milking period, women need protein for milk production.
Repair and protect body tissues.
Maintaining tremendous pressure.
Provides protein power.
The protein is related to the body’s immune system.
Development of the fetus in pregnancy.
The body is formed in infants and very young children due to the need for growth and growth of bones, matrix, teeth, skin, hair and proteins, body parts, endocrine or tubular glands.

Synthesis of some substances such as:

Hormones like insulin and thyroxine

Hemoglobin (hemoglobin)
Plasma protein
Coagulation factor
sources of protein
Enzymes like trypsin and pepsin

Animal source of protein

In animal proteins, all the essential amino acids are in the appropriate amount, so they are also called first-class proteins.
Protein of animal origin is found in milk, cheese, eggs, meat, and fish.

Vegetable sources of protein:

There is a lack of one or two amino acids in the vegetable protein, so the vegetable protein is called the second class protein.
Vegetable proteins are found in Anna, Dal, oilseeds, wood fruits, fruits, and vegetables.
The quantity of protein in some foods: (gm / per 100 grams)

Cattle Feed
Milk (Human) – 1.2
Milk (of the cow) – 3.5
Paneer – 18.3
Fish – 21.5
Meat – 18.5
Egg (Hen) – 13.3

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