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Tips for Oily Skin

Usually, there are four types of skin – Normal, Dry, Olly and Sensitive. Oily skin means that your skin should have a higher lipid level i.e. fat content. What type of skin is your skin, it depends on three factors – water, lipid levels, and sensitivity. Oily skin is caused by frequent changes, and its relation is also from the lifestyle. Oily skin is shiny, thick and lifeless. Men and women with this type of skin are at risk of getting dark spots under the eyes. In oily skin, pores (pores) that are found in the skin are large and the Sibelius gland (Sebaceous glands) are more active. The result is such a skin oily.

Why is oily skin problem?

Tension increases with oily skin
Hormonal balance worries by taking excessive tension. According to research, the buffer of the cortisol hormone from the body during stress, due to which the skin becomes oily.

Hormonal changes during menstruation
During the menstrual period, the Tamil gland becomes more active with hormonal changes in the body of women. During this time, due to the androgen hormone, an excessive amount of oil appears in the skin, which also closes the pores of the skin.

Genetics is also the reason
Research has found that the olive skin is also related to the genes. If your parents have skin oily then it is possible that your skin will also be suitable because it has been found that the people whose skin is active in the Sibelius gland (sebaceous glands), the skin of their children, these glands are more active.

Contraceptive pills also contain skin oily
Your lifestyle also has a direct connection to skin health. If you take medicines for birth control (contraceptive) or increase the sexual power for berth control, it increases the hormonal level in your body, which causes the skin to become oily.

There are many more reasons
Diet, Childbirth, Cosmetics, Heat, and humidity.

Tips for Oily Skin Care

Moisturizer – Oily skin is oily but it does not mean that you do not have moisturizers on it. You should place a moisturizer with a water base.

Cleaning – Use the cleanser to clean oil and odor from facial pores. After that wash your face with lukewarm water.

Wash the face three times a day. Scrub Face twice a week. This will help in the facial skin to breathe and there will be no blackheads on the face.

Toning – You should have a second step, face toning. Put a toner on the face so that the porosity of the skin closes, otherwise, the dirt in the open pores can freeze again. Gulab water can also be applied as a toner.

Eat healthy foods – Eat food and eat too much fat – do not eat food with too much fat. You should eat fine fruit and vigilance and take green tea, juice, and water in the liquid diet.

Face mask – By applying a face mask, facial face gets out of the face and the face blossoms. It is better than buying face masks from the market that you prepare face packs from household items such as lemon, oats, egg, milk, papaya etc.

There are also many smart tips (general care tips)
• Use the Light Eyed Shadow. Select an example that matches your skin tone.
• Find Waterproof Marks. Waterproof Mascara lives on the whole day.
• Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water. Minimize the intake of chili-spiced and fast food. Eat the empty stomach in the morning an owl.
• No matter how hot it is, but it does not have to be wrapped on your lips at all.
• If the face is oily then scrubbing it to remove dirt from your face
• If you do not drink powder then it is better, by putting powder you get a lot back
• Make a paste by mixing vitamin C toner in the calamine pack. Find it three times a week on the face. Face sex after 20 minutes.
• Mildly mixing clay, sandalwood powder and neem powder with equal quantity of rose water and twice a week take place on face. Twenty minutes later face sex

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