How To Lighten Dark Lips, Get Pink Lips
When the lips are beautiful then the smile becomes even more beautiful. Pink, soft and glossy lips like everyone and wish to get all the rose petals like lips but not everyone’s wish is fulfilled.

how to get pink lips
how to get pink lips

However, the reason for this is that people in a way are themselves because they look stylish and modern, where there is another smoking, then they use the available products in the market without any information, and the result is to face the delicate Lips. From which they seem to be lifeless, crappy and black before the time. No matter how lipstick or balm is applied, it can not be obtained from natural beauty. You have to do this with natural tips for lips,

Natural remedy to reduce lip gloss
The magic of sugar and butter will appear on the lips
Put two spoonfuls of butter in three spoonfuls of sugar and make a thick paste. Massage your lips on two to three times a week before sleeping. Sugar removes dead skin of the lips and the butter makes them pink and soft.

Nourish your lips with olive oil
Olive oil contains many minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Black lips will look natural and natural by making olive oil massage on the lips before sleeping.

Rubbing potato potatoes on lips
To polish the lips, rubbing raw potatoes on lips before sleeping at night. Wake up in the morning and wash with cold water.

Moisturize Your Lips
Before using any beauty product on your lips, be sure to check its brands, dates and properties. To remove the dark, use lip balm in a lip balm with a Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter or Almond Oil.

Make lemon juice with lip glossy lips
Lemon juice is beneficial to remove the blackness of the lips. Put the lemon juice over your lips overnight. Wake up in the morning and wash with lukewarm water.

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