Insomnia Home Remedies, Causes, Treatment

insomnia causes treatment

We know good sleep is also very important for good health. It is said “If you can not sleep, you can not heal”, it means that you will not be able to sleep properly. Sleep is the best way to relax for the body. Come on, bring your sleep closer.

Why is sleep (importance of sleep)
We also know sufficient sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. The human body needs equally to sleep as much as it eats from eating it. Adequate sleeping does not affect our performance.
The need for body sleep period varies in every age. If the newborn sleeps 18 hours, then adults need an average of eight hours of sleep.

The direct impact of the lack of adequate sleeping is on the metabolic process of our body and can lead to diseases like diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure.

Chronic insomnia
If the problem of insomnia lasts longer, it can affect your life. If a person sleeps well for more than 30 days, then that means that he is suffering from chronic insomnia.

The problem of insomnia (insomnia or sleepiness)
According to medical science, sleep three times a week is not considered sleep-anesthesia. Insomnia is one of the common health problems in the world, which can occur in men and women of any age. These days people are suffering from various types of insomnia.

Short term insomnia
Short-term or acute insomnia is a common type of insomnia, it occurs for a few days and is due to minor changes in some drugs or lifestyle.

According to research, those who sleep less or often sleep late, their thoughts are quite negative compared to other people and they are surrounded by anxieties. Jack Noble of the Binghamton University of America believes that ‘the person who is upset with negative thoughts and does not sleep at the right time, he will not sleep deeply’.

Physical causes of insomnia

– There is no regular routine for your sleep
– Your partner’s time or way of sleeping is different from yours
– The bedroom is very noisy or too cold or too hot
– The bed is small or not comfortable
– If you do not have enough fatigue or if you do not do enough work
– You have a disease, pain or a fever
– You eat in a lot of time
– You fall asleep on a hungry stomach
– Pre-gold tea, caffeine, rich in cigarettes or alcohol

Psychological causes of insomnia

– You are confused and worried
– You think about the same problem again and again
– You are having emotional difficulties
– You have problems related to employment

Treatment of insomnia

– Bed and bedroom are comfortable, not too cold or hot. Keep in mind that the mattress is suitable for you.
– Slow music before sleeping also relaxes the body and helps in sleeping.
– Body diligence tires the body and enhances the need for rest. Therefore regular play or walking is beneficial for us, it keeps the body tight ansleepsep well due to fatigue.
– Keep a small pillow under the head while sleeping. Place a pillow under your knees and the other between your knee and thigh. This will reduce the weight of the body and you will be able to sleep comfortably.
– Make habit of sleeping and waking up on time.
– Make good friends Stay away from loneliness.
– Burn the room lights an hour before bedtime.
– Think good and positive things while sleeping.
– Drink milk before going to bed or sleeping in the night, which will bring good sleep. Limit the amount of tea-coffee and do not consume more than two or three times a day.
– If you do not sleep, get up and do something that makes you feel light, like reading, watching TV or listening to music, and when you feel tired, then sleep again.

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