How to Remove Holi Color from Skin
The full fun of Holi becomes clearer when your body does not take the name of coloring. The color skin of this genre causes great damage to the skin. They dry up the skin and sometimes even the red spots are marked. But to redeem the color of Holi, Holi is not so difficult. With some easy home remedies, you can get rid of these stubborn shades. Let’s learn the easiest way to reduce the colors of the Holi (Tips to remove hold colour):

how to reduce holi color from skin
how to reduce holi color from skin

Some tips How to remove holi from skin

Before preparing holi, make preparations well
Before playing Holi, the body should properly apply cream or oil. Applying cold cream or coconut oil on the face does not last long on the face. Apply oil well with hair on the face. Applying oil on the hair is extremely important, otherwise, the hair does not grow fast.

To get rid of hair colour
Leave the egg on the hair for 30 minutes and then wash it with a light shampoo. The hair is strong and silky.
Lemon juice and baking soda can also be used to get rid of hair colour.

To avoid irritation
On Holi, low-quality colour starts to burn on the face, which should be used to prevent honey and glycerin.

If the colour is high
If there is more colour on any part of the face or body then place paste, mixed with gram flour, curd and rose water at that place. After a while, when it is dry, it should be washed and rub there.
If there is more colour on the face of Holi, then you should apply polythene clay which will not only help to remove the colour, but also make your face beautiful.

The citric acid present in lemon has the ability to cut the colour or other chemicals. After applying lemon and honey on the holi, washing it after washing it quickly leaves the colour.

Do not use cold water
Many people think that the colour comes with hot water but this is not true. With warm water, the colour becomes solid several times and therefore, after cooling down the cold water should be used after bathing.

Do not do this:
• Do not rubbish the body much
• Not hot water
• Do not bleach

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