Top 10 Natural Hair Growth Tips

Hair growth starts with the hair root i.e. Scalp or hair follicle. Hair roots are found in nutrition oils and shampoo, as well as healthy eating and hygiene also play an important role in the development of hair. There is no shortcut formula for thick and long hair. Although hair increases an average of half an inch each month.

Natural Hair Growth Tips

Hair proteins are made of. Hair nourishment is essential for black, dense and long hair. Hair nutrition means hair follicles get protein. The root of the hair i.e. will be strong like the scalp, the hair will grow faster.

The speed of hair growth is affected by your health, eating habits, hair care, and genetic reasons. Let’s know about the measures that grow faster with hair thick and dark.

Top 10 Natural Ways for Hair Growth

1. Scalp Massage
Massage is the root of the hair until the scalp of the hair increases blood circulation and it accelerates hair growth. Apart from this, deep conditioning of hair with lukewarm oil and hair mask also has a significant effect in the week. Put roasted oil or conditioners in hair. Massage the scalp for five minutes with fingers.

2. Tilt hair down and Tilt
This is the most popular trick to lengthen hair. Normally the girls and the hair dhoti for drying hair. The speed of the hair increases rapidly by bowing the head downwards to bowing the head for two to five minutes. It is believed that by doing so, blood circulation rapidly reaches the hair nerves of the hair. The result increases hair length.

3. Stay tension free
Hair loss – The main cause of fall and breakdown is stress. It is believed that due to stress the normal cycle of hair growth stops. As the stress grows, the hair cycle reaches the Tallon stage, in which hair loss and fall disease begin. The easiest way to reduce stress is meditation. By taking meditation and good sleep, the speed of secretion of hormones responsible for hair increases.

4. Healthy Diet
Protein, vitamins, and minerals are essential for long and thick hair in the diet. Include foods such as Vitamin A, B, C, E with iron, zinc, magnesium, and selenium in good quantities in your diet.

5. Massage with Castor Oil
In castor oil, Vitamin E omega is essential for the growth of hair with fatty-9 acid. Massage of hair scalp with this oil is natural and long hair is natural. Castor oil is very thick, it is more effective if it is mixed in equal quantities of coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil. Mix all the oils and massage the hair scales for 5 minutes. Wash the hair with mild shampoo after forty minutes. By regularizing it, the hair will soon be affected in length.

6. Insert egg mask in hair
Egg use in hair growth is quite effective. With proteins in the egg, all those essential elements like iron, sulfur, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium are found in which the hair gets nourished and the hair is long.

Once a month, you can put an egg mask on the hair. For this, you have to break an egg. Add some four drops of grapes and lavender oil to it. Now wrap it in the hair till the root. Leave this coating of eggs and oil for half an hour. Wash the hair with shampoo after half an hour.
Also, add two tablespoons olive oil to two egg yolk. Massage the scalp with it. Leave the lip for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, wash the hair with cold water and then shampoo.

7. Provide Hair Aloe Vera
Elo Vera helps hair grow Aloe vera gel reduces hair loss and fall. It reduces dandruff as well as shines in the hair. Add a little lemon juice to Aloe vera gel and apply it in the hair. Leave it for 20 minutes to dry. Shampoo in hair after twenty minutes. You can try it once or twice a week. Coconut oil can also be mixed in aloe vera gel. Apart from this, consumption of aloe vera juice will also be effective for hair health.

8. Possible for side effects
If you do not have any medical problem, no matter how much you try to increase the hair length, hair will not grow. If Thalido complains, hormonal imbalances, there is no old disease or there is no infection in his hair. If you are taking contraceptive or steroids, you may have a complaint of hair loss and falling.

9. Wash the hair with herbs
There are many herbs including henna, neem and green tea, which are hair dense and long by applying on the hair. The henna is most effective in it because it nourishes the hair roots that is Scalp. It shines in the hair.
Elements found in green tea polyphenols play an important role in the development of hair. Keep in mind that these herbs are shampooed and put in hair after conditioning. Hair is also long after drinking herbal tea.

10. Take vitamins and herbal supplements separately
Even after taking a balanced diet, there is a lack of essential elements in the body. These essential elements not only give the skin to the body but also nourish the hair. In addition to the diet for hair growth, you can take supplements of folic acid, vitamins, biotin, ginseng, fish oil.

Foods needed for Hair Growth

Chicken, Egg, whole grains, Milk, cottage, cheese, Yogurt, Salmon, fish, Cabbage, Oats, Walnut, Spinach, grapes, Avacado, Broccoli, Fresh fruit and green vegetables juices.

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